Friday, June 12, 2009

Banniculla a Primitive Bat

I just finished this wonderful Doll A great achievement for me. I seem to start and stop if I am not happy........ well this time I was happy!
This pattern was among many special gifts I received in a give-away drawing Created using pattern from ~ Back Porch Pickins~Thank you Tonya for sharing your very talented works with us.This pattern was a pleasure to work on, but very detailed. I did not use a sewing machine for Banniculla. She is completely hand stitched. This was done using muslin and every free moment at work that I had to work on her. Wings are wired for minimal movement if you'd like, then stitched securely to her back. OOP's I did run three web seams inside wings on either side for extra detail on sewing machine. Bannicullas arms are attached with black vintage buttons so she is jointed. Arms can be raised or lowered with care. She can hang or sit on table.Her legs are stuffed just to point where they dangle and bend to a sitting position. Her body and facial features are all painted using acrylics and oil pencils. You may notice a lot of embellishment and if I miss something forgive me. I do know her skirt and undercoat are gathered and tacked on to her body, so not removable.Skirt is black satin with tiny sequin like stars. Petticoat is fine black mesh material. Boots are painted on then laced using fine gauge rusty wire with tiny bells. I trimmed both boots and sleeves with bethany lowes vintage black tinsel Special care was taken in painting Banniculla's facial features paying close attention to sculpted nose and stitched eye lids.She was sanded lightly and then stained with coffee and vanilla for that (Yes I am pretty but I smell even better)I attached a wand to her arm that has muslin stuffed moon painted in antique gold then dusted in fine diamond dust.This Dolly has wonderful little touches everywhere even her necklace of black Victorian beads and pewter key.She stands almost 20 inches with a wing span of 17 inches. Banniculla is listed in my ETSY shop Momandmevintagewares or you can also find her on SOAPT Emporium.
NOTE: Not a Toy for Children

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Dad and Mama in the Early 50"s

I miss my Family alot. Lost my Mom in the 80's at a very young 57yrs and Daddy just this Feruaury. You never realize how precious life and Family are until the loss happens and there is no one left to turn to. Even as adults we are still someones children. If I could have one more hug or even the chance to say to just tell them how much I Love them, and appreciate all the years they focused on raising me putting their desires aside for a time. If you who read this still have that chance to call or stop by to see your Dad or Mom do it..You will never have regrets or have to say if only I would have ....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter Egging

Photobucket This is a fun project. I am working on a couple projects using gourd and chalkware eggs. Hope to complete just one before Easter. Stay tuned